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    We have 3 single roasters available to cook any size of pig, lamb or wild boar to perfection. Each roaster is equipped with a motor that turns the spit over the coals to make sure the entire roast is fully cooked. If you choose, we can roast your pig, lamb, or wild boar in a variety of ways such as on the spit, as a whole, or if you're interested we can cook half on the grill. For added flavour, the inside of the pig, wild boar or lamb can be stuffed with prunes, apricots, or apples and carrots.

    To add to your event selection we can also provide beef roasts, deep fried chickens, turkeys, or if you like lobster, mussel, clam or corn boils (as seen in picture). Baked potatoes always make a nice addition to any roast. We also have a choice of salads, desserts, butter and rolls to compliment the meal of your choice. For some events, mouth watering pulled pork burgers are a great idea that we can make available to you!